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Midnyte City is a progressive, ethical, people-centric technology consulting company. We specialise in empirical DevOps, specifically helping our customers adopt and integrate modern technology practices and approaches that significantly impact agility, reliability and security across their organisations.





If you would like to work with the Midnyte City crew, please get in touch on our contact page.


"I've worked with Melissa in two separate organisations now. She is diligent, independent and brings a high level of quality to the work she does and the outcomes she is responsible for. Put simply, I trust the Midnyte City team to get on with the job at Middy's, and do a great job. And they continue to deliver."

Darren Edgerton
Chief Information Officer, Middy's Data & Electrical

"Hannah and the team at Midnyte City hit the ground running and provided immediate value to our project! It was a pleasure working with a team that deeply understands the requirements of modern software development."

David Carroll

Managing Director,

“Developing products in a startup environment requires both patience and agility. Hannah has been helping provide key staff on my teams for several years. She seeks to understand the best way to maximise the impact of working together, and always accommodating of the inevitable constraints of startup development.” 

Julian Boot, CTO



Why Midnyte City?

Our customers are start-ups who need to move quickly, scale-ups who need to build specialist technical capability into their teams and organisations and enterprises with progressive leadership who recognise that scaling their developer productivity effectively is the key to competitive advantage in the market. Our clients are creating high-performance organisations, and recognise they need help from experts and trusted partners to succeed. 

The Midnyte City team of highly skilled and experienced, hands-on-keyboards, technical consultants help customers build high performance, ethical, purpose-driven tech teams and organisations. The most consistently successful engagement model broadly maps to:

  • 1-2 consultants with specific skills and experience

  • Join a customer delivery team, (either on-site or remotely)

  • For a predetermined period of time 

  • To assist in delivering a project or outcome

  • Through the delivery of the project or outcome the Midnyte City crew build specialist capability into the delivery team by sharing their specific skills and experience with that team


We believe in teaching people to fish, rather than catching fish for them, and that a rising tide lifts all boats. Thus our approach to consulting is to avoid creating dependence, and focus instead on collaboratively building internal technology capability with our customers.

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The Founding Team

Hannah Browne 

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Hannah is a technology leader and entrepreneur, now building her fifth tech company, Midnyte City. For 15 years she has worked on strategic transformation initiatives with start ups, scale ups and innovative enterprises, helping to build high-performance teams and progressive, digital first, human-centric organisations. Her core skills are in technology leadership, organisational development, building high-performance culture and influencing for change.

In 2020 Hannah was appointed to the Board of Greenpeace Australia Pacific. She is thrilled to contribute her technology expertise to tackling climate change through governance and strategy at one of the world's most recognisable environmental advocacy groups.

I want to be a part of something where I can be a human being, do my job, win, and have everybody else win.” - Shep Gordon

Melissa Ngau

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Melissa thrives on close collaboration with people, this fuels her drive for continual learning. She has fulfilled a variety of roles that focus on a deeper understanding of ‘why and what’ over just the ‘how’ in order to deliver real value for customers. Through this emerged her exploration into building cross-competency collaboration within teams with strong foundations in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Her key strengths are focussed on delivery leadership, quality advocacy and quality analysis, business analysis and product development.

“What you see is always what you get. So, change the way you see things! Perspective and context are everything.” - Anonymous

Henrik Axelsson

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Henrik loves to work across a broad range of problems in the IT landscape. Starting out in computer game and web development, he then moved into business analysis and scrum master roles largely focused on financial services. However, the lure of the code editor is strong and recently Henrik has been focusing on the cloud engineering space and how he can leverage his blend of skills to build compliant, usable and useful platform tools.

Some recent projects he has worked on include SAQ-A PCI compliance for a cloud platform, designing routing for east-west traffic through AWS transit gateway and building a Slackbot to grant access to AWS accounts.

“Good people don’t stay at broken organisations” - Henrik Axelsson

Ebony Worth

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Ebony is a lover of people and life, she embraces the philosophy of Chief Memory Maker, as an authentic, present and engaging individual. She has comprehensive and strategic understanding of talent management, employee success, business and organisational change.

Her approach ensures the highest standards of best practice recruiting, team development and the embedding of a high-performance culture within the organisation's foundations.

Ebony's experience within the Melbourne Tech scene is focussed on people, performance, talent acquisition, leadership development and building businesses both from cultural as well as commercial lenses.

“The only way to grow your business long term… is to grow the people in it” - Brad Sugars