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We enlisted Midnyte City's expertise to establish our technical infrastructure and collaborating with them proved to be an invaluable experience. Robert not only demonstrated exceptional talent in devising and executing sound technical strategies but also brought a deep understanding of creating streamlined and productive team dynamics, which laid a strong foundation for us. As a newly formed team, Robert's sense of humour and engaging personality played a pivotal role in fostering a culture of trust and camaraderie that continues to thrive to this day."

Hannah Sweetman

Community Engagement Manager

Cremorne digital hub


Greenpeace engaged Midnyte City’s expertise in cloud engineering, change management and project management for a Cyber resilience exercise. The engagement significantly improved our organisation's security posture and inspired us to maintain and expand upon the groundwork laid. We are immensely grateful to Midnyte City for the dedicated efforts providing these critical services."

Chris Bloomfield

IT Manager, Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Greenpeace Australia Logo


The team at Midnyte City was fantastic! Helpful, knowledgeable and committed to getting a high quality result. They were also well integrated in our team and we enjoyed spending time with them every day, solving problems together and having fun while doing it."

Ian Frost

Engineering Manager, Airtasker



Of all the engagements I’ve been involved with in the last six months this one has been by far the easiest and has delivered the most complete, accurate and tangible results.

The Midnyte team have been on the mark throughout. They have been a pleasure to work with: knowledgeable, professional, hard-working, articulate, and downright happy. That makes me think they enjoyed the initiative as much as we did."

Chris Payne

Director, Enterprise Systems (Interim) - University of Sydney

University of Sydnet Logo


Midnyte City are an absolute dream to work with. I fully trust them to understand the brief and to devise modern solutions that allow us to deliver great outcomes for our customers.

Through authentic leadership, Midnyte City not only drive solutions, but they also provide the support, space and confidence for our internal teams to own and progress those solutions."

Catherine Quinn

Platform Lead - Delivery at MYOB


I highly recommend the Midnyte team for any Data Mesh implementation project. Their expertise and dedication were crucial to the success of our Data Mesh implementation at EstimateOne.

From the outset, the Midnyte team took the time to fully understand our business needs and goals, and developed a comprehensive plan to address them. They provided valuable guidance and support throughout the process, ensuring that we were on track to meet our deadlines and targets.

The team's deep knowledge of Data Mesh best practices and their ability to adapt to our unique business context made them a valuable asset to our project. Their ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with our team made the process smooth and efficient.

Overall, the Midnyte team's contribution to our Data Mesh implementation was invaluable, and we are extremely satisfied with the end result. We highly recommend them for any Data Mesh project.

Above all else, they were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them again in the future"

David Parlevliet

Engineering Manager of the Infrastructure Team at EstimateOne

Estimate one logo


Our global expansion has been supported by the fantastic work and robust solutions delivered by Midnyte City. When it comes to our cloud platform, we prioritise speed, availability, and security to ensure our customers benefit from usability and reliability to deliver their commercial construction projects on time. Midnyte City has been instrumental to optimising the performance of our tendering software."

Mark Grebler

Chief Technology Officer at EstimateOne 

Estimate one logo


Midnyte City has been instrumental in building the foundation for observability of our hype commerce platform. We now have extremely valuable insights into the real-time performance of our system, frontend user behaviour, and integrations with 3rd party vendors. This supports EQL in continuing to meet the demand of high heat launches as we're rapidly scaling and always improving our launch platform. 

Midnyte City took the time to deeply understand our requirements and code base to sustainably implement an observability tool. The leadership they displayed through one-on-one pairing and knowledge sharing helped our engineers adapt to the new tool with ease and enthusiasm. With end-to-end visibility, we have a richer and holistic understanding of our launch platform."

Alex Barreto

Head of Engineering at EQL


Working with Midnyte City has been fantastic. The team takes the time to truly understand our needs before diving into the work. They have been instrumental in the launch of our Flare work within MYOB Business and MYOB AccountRight. The team thinks holistically about the overall architecture of our product and think out of the box to arrive at ingenious solutions to technical problems. The team fit well within the great culture at MYOB and we enjoy working with them."

Itai Etzman

Product Manager (Value Add team) at MYOB


Thanks to Midnyte City, we now have a sound understanding of where we are and what’s required to get us to where we want to be. Expanding into international markets is a big mountain to climb, but Midnyte City helped set out the steps we need to take with their technical roadmap that details how we can evolve our MashrMail product into a SaaS offering. They have impressive technical knowledge and adopt a very strategic and pragmatic approach that makes decision-making easier."

Jeni Oye

CEO of MashrMail 


As an early tech start up, we needed immediate help to get our MVP into the hands of pilot customers. Vasin from Midnyte City joined our team for a short, fixed window and helped us meet our milestone. He was quick to onboard, asked great questions, and documented things as he went. Vasin provided different solutions and guidance on questions we were yet to consider and discuss, presenting both their strengths and challenges so we were well-informed. Backed by the whole Midnyte City team, Vasin could draw on expertise beyond his own, and was never without an answer."

Susan Brander

Co-Founder and CTO of Tech Diversity Lab


Our security measures, internal behaviours, and deployment practices have improved significantly since working with Midnyte City. Bhushan Manekar and Chris Copeland stepped in as leaders who had the technical skills and professional competence to get things done. They exemplified the curiosity, influence, and adaptability that motivated others to reach the bar they raised for technology across the organisation."

Luke Giuliani

Chief Technology Officer of Mojo Power (and iON Group)


Midnyte City has made a huge impact on our team’s development and performance. Their impressive technical expertise and willingness to share knowledge have significantly uplifted our internal capabilities. The crew have brought DevOps experience that we needed to excel our technical projects."

Mark Grebler

Chief Technology Officer at EstimateOne 

Estimate one logo


We recently engaged two people from Midnyte City who got up to speed quickly, and were flexible and adaptive. In addition, both were adept at not only identifying what needed to be done and doing it, but also mentoring and guiding others who, ultimately, took up their roles permanently."

Bruce Lund

Delivery Manager at MYOB


I recently had the pleasure of working with Henrik to launch a new lending product. Henrik was engaged as a senior business analyst but he brought so much more to the table than that! He became our team coach, our quality advocate and a trusted advisor to me in my role. Without his input our project would have taken longer, been overcomplicated and far less successful. Not only does he get great results, Henrik was a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t recommend him more highly."

Tim Pittman

Delivery Manager, Financial Services, MYOB


Hannah and the team at Midnyte City hit the ground running and provided immediate value to our project! It was a pleasure working with a team that deeply understands the requirements of modern software development."

David Carroll

Managing Director, Speckel.io


I’ve worked with Melissa in two separate organisations now. She is diligent, independent and brings a high level of quality to the work she does and the outcomes she is responsible for. Put simply, I trust the Midnyte City team to get on with the job at Middy’s, and do a great job. And they continue to deliver."

Darren Edgerton

Chief Information Officer, Middy’s Data & Electrical

MashrMail logo


Developing products in a startup environment requires both patience and agility. Hannah has been helping provide key staff on my teams for several years. She seeks to understand the best way to maximise the impact of working together, and is always accommodating of the inevitable constraints of startup development."

Julian Boot



We were blown away by the professionalism, enthusiasm, and technical expertise of Midnyte City’s Senior Cloud Engineer, Benny Lo. He optimised our learning platform, resolved feature performance issues, built a password reset functionality, and re-engineered our back-end database. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Midnyte City and look forward to engaging them again."

Madeleine Grummet

Founder of Future Amp

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