Midnyte City is a dynamic, progressive technology consulting company, building efficiency and agility into organisations, and forging the careers of amazing technologists.

Your strategic technology partner.

Progressive approaches to technology are driving considerable improvements in organisational outcomes, as measured by productivity, performance and market share.

Our empirical approach to implementing a high-performance technology culture into your organisation helps you:


Develop a road map for your organisation based on constraints and circumstances, rather than competition.


Cultivate the capacity for continuous improvement by building critical skills into delivery teams.


Influence boards and executive
teams with metric-driven


Engage and inspire organisational
stakeholders with human-centric
systems thinking.

If you want to achieve any of the goals outlined above, or enhance the technical capability within your organisation,
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Software Development

Quality coding practices, as well as pragmatism, are key elements of high-performance technology teams.

Great leaders make a sustained investment in practicality and quality with test driven development, pair programming and code reviews. Our team of skilled, passionate developers and testers can help you:

Write robust, scalable and maintainable code

Implement security patterns for developers

Create accountability for quality with test-driven development

Implement modern iterative ways of working

Develop APIs

Grow internal technical capability

Implement continuous integration and continuous delivery

Delivery Leadership

Psychological safety, trust and culture have a big impact on how effectively knowledge workers solve problems.

To get the best out of technology teams, skilled and experienced Delivery Leads can deliver complex programs of work and support you to:

Foster a culture of trust and performance

Drive greater team and organisational agility

Align activity and outcomes to value

Improve productivity by adapting processes and systems

Improve internal product management

Minimise key person risk

Become a recognised destination employer


DevOps drives agility, reliability and security in technology organisations.

Midnyte City’s engaged and experienced DevOps
specialists can assist you with:

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

Effective monitoring, logging and alerting practices


Speed and engineering efficiency

Continuous improvement

Testing throughout the delivery process

Achieving benchmark performance with DORA
(DevOps Research and Assessments) metrics

Cloud Engineering

Cloud computing is an excellent means of achieving speed and scale.

Good cloud engineering practices will ensure you avoid the common pitfalls around cloud development, security and cost. Our specialist cloud engineers can help you:

Create sustainable, resilient and cost efficient cloud infrastructure

Effectively maintain your cloud environment

Move from pets to cattle

Automate deployment

Automate compliance

Deliver new features to users more rapidly

Improve development hygiene

Why we're different

We teach people to fish; we don’t catch fish for them.

Our customers are start-ups, scale-ups, nonprofits and enterprises who recognise that developer productivity is the key to competitive advantage.

Rather than creating a climate of dependence, we work collaboratively with our customers to  build high-performance ethical and purpose-driven tech teams into their organisations.

Our engagement model looks like:

1-2 consultants with specific skills and experience

Join a customer
delivery team

For a predetermined
period of time

To assist in delivering a project or outcome

Sharing their knowledge and experience as part of the work


Hannah and the team at Midnyte City hit the ground running and provided immediate value to our project! It was a pleasure working with a team that deeply understands the requirements of modern software development."

David Carroll

Managing Director,

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