Culture is your unseen competitive advantage.

"Imagine leading a team so well respected that new positions are inundated with applications from the market’s top talent, or leading a team so engaged that your best people never want to leave. Think about what could be achieved if your team could collaborate better, make decisions more easily and adapt or respond to change faster. What would it mean to you and those you lead to show up each day to an environment that allows each person to be fully seen, heard and valued? How would you like your team to be known for its creativity, innovation and results that deliver tangible value to the business and impact your organisations bottom line?”  (Let’s talk Culture, Shane Hatton, page 17)

Culture is crucial when you are building a great place to work.

Midnyte City were delighted to have the incredible Helga Svendsen facilitate an Human Synergistics culture survey across the crew, so we can use real data to track and manage our culture over time.

The culture survey breaks down the factors underlying performance effectiveness (at individual, group and organisational levels) according to 12 behaviours or styles. These behaviours or styles are further grouped according to three general style clusters:

  • Constructive styles encourage the attainment of organisational goals through people development; promote teamwork and synergy; and enhance individual, group and organisational adaptability and effectiveness.

  • Aggressive/Defensive styles lead people to focus on their own needs at the expense of those of their group and organisation, and lead to stress, turnover and inconsistent performance.

  • Passive/Defensive styles lead people to subordinate themselves to the organisation, stifle creativity and initiative, and allow the organisation to stagnate.

Blue, green, and red extensions to the Circumplex graphically depict statistical results and the styles' strength in terms of percentile scores, showing us how Midnyte City compares with thousands of other organisations that Human Synergistics have already researched.

Circumplex Culture StylesMidnyte City - Circumplex Culture Style

The results were a delightfully pleasant surprise and deeply validating given the effort and energy we invest in being a safe, vibrant ecosystem where people can do the best work of their careers. We care deeply about the fundamentals of human motivation and strive to foster a place where every Midnyte Citizen can feel:

  • My effort can make a difference

  • I do something meaningful

  • I am learning something new

  • I am supported by those around me

  • I enjoy what I do

Thank you to our incredible ally Helga Svendsen for bringing this wonderful framework and insight into Midnyte City! We are committed to continuing to use the Human Synergistics Circumplex to measure and monitor our culture going forward.

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