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Our lineage; the road to here.

As a human-centric technology consultancy, our work is as much about adaptable systems and processes as it is about hard technical skills.

In helping organisations adopt modern, progressive ways of work, we acknowledge that we stand on the shoulders of giants; we could not be where we are without the groundwork laid by the tech visionaries who understood and prioritised autonomy, mastery and purpose.

The Lean Movement, The Agile Software Development Movement, The Cloud Movement, Systems Theory, The Cynefin Framework, The Continuous Delivery Movement, Process Communications Model (PCM)

Founding team

Midnyte City is an aggregate of skilled and passionate humans whose talents shine where people, process and technology intersect.

We possess a deep concern for quality in our work, and respect in our collaborations, the intention, always, to leave things better than we find them.


Hannah Browne

Managing Director


Melissa Ngau

Delivery Lead and Quality Advocate


Henrik Axelsson

Delivery Lead and Cloud Engineer


Ebony Worth

Head of People and Operations

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One of our key strategic success metrics is the number of team members we see go on to executive teams or board positions during, or after, a tenure with us. That is how serious we are about helping you supercharge your career!

Our ethos is life-long learning and continuous improvement, and that a rising tide lifts all boats. We make significant long-term investment in forging high-calibre specialist technologists who are “on the tools”, but also have a robust commercial acumen. We offer regular seminars, workshops and experiential learning opportunities that will develop your understanding of and capabilities in:

Emotional intelligence


Communication skills


Influencing and negotiation

Influencing and

Business and commercial acumen

Business and
commercial acumen

Governance, strategy, finance and risk

Governance, strategy,
finance and risk

The career you want in tech

How to have the career
you want in tech

Technical skills and expertise

Technical skills
and expertise

Integrity, quality and ethics

Integrity, quality
and ethics

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Henrik to launch a new lending product. Henrik was engaged as a senior business analyst but he brought so much more to the table than that! He became our team coach, our quality advocate and a trusted advisor to me in my role. Without his input our project would have taken longer, been overcomplicated and far less successful. Not only does he get great results, Henrik was a pleasure to work with. I couldn’t recommend him more highly."

Tim Pittman

Delivery Manager, Financial Services, MYOB

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