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We’re paving a path where technology and people exist in harmony, creating value for individuals, businesses, and society at large. Midnyte City are strong advocates for ethical technology, and this is reflected in our work with clients.

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Our dynamic and strategic approach to technology involves a deep commitment to developing and empowering the client teams we work with. From our developers to delivery leads, cloud engineers to founders, everyone at Midnyte City has a vested interest in the operations and guiding missions of our clients.

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Founding team

Midnyte City is an aggregate of skilled and passionate humans whose talents shine where people, process and technology intersect.

We possess a deep concern for quality in our work, and respect in our collaborations, the intention, always, to leave things better than we find them.


Hannah Browne

Managing Director


Melissa Ngau

Delivery Lead and Quality Advocate


Henrik Axelsson

CTO, Delivery Lead and Cloud Engineer


Ebony Worth

Head of People and Operations

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