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5 May, 2023

Lean Development for a powerful integration

The client

MYOB has been part of the fabric of doing business in Australia and New Zealand for more than 30 years. They are a leading business management platform with a core purpose of helping businesses with one to 1,000 employees start, survive and succeed. Having started as accounting software, MYOB has evolved into a cloud-based business management platform, acquiring or partnering with 15 businesses that add value and capability to MYOB’s offering.

MYOB helps customers streamline key business workflows, from finance and supply chain to customer and project management, helping businesses make better decisions, unlock their full potential, and grow.

One of the workflows MYOB’s business management platform addresses is employees, including onboarding. This involves activities such as providing an employer with a team member’s banking, tax and superannuation information.

To deliver this, MYOB partnered with, and later acquired, Flare HR, which has a proven digital employee onboarding system for SMEs. The first implementation of employee self-onboarding was within the MYOB Team mobile app, enabling employees to manage their leave and timesheets, but there were more ways for MYOB to provide value for its customers with Flare HR.

The challenge

Using an app is convenient for timesheets and leave requirements, but MYOB wanted a more robust solution for onboarding, which would enable more businesses to save time and streamline their processes with Flare HR’s onboarding services.


To facilitate greater use amongst employers, particularly leading into a busy time for onboarding, MYOB aimed to bring a new experience – outside of the app – to its customers.

Midnyte City was engaged to help develop the new self-onboarding experience. The initial release was only available in MYOB Business. After iteration and improvement, it was also released in MYOB AccountRight Live, introducing employee self-onboarding to a whole new customer base. 

From the beginning, the Midnyte City team acted on feedback to enable continuous improvement, allowing the product to be shaped quickly and easily based on what was working well for customers. Collaboratively working with the product analytics team allowed the development team to capture effective telemetry that could be used to help make fast decisions. The details captured included: 

  • How effective is the interface for employers to invite employees to onboard?

  • How many employees started the onboarding process?

  • How many employees completed the onboarding process?

The development and go-to market teams also worked together closely, ensuring that product development and marketing approaches were aligned. Customer interviews were also used to obtain qualitative feedback, which informed several improvements to the onboarding process. Daily metrics were shared in a team Slack channel, keeping stakeholders informed and engaged in a fun way. It gave everyone visibility on how well the new system was working.

Results and benefits

The integration of Flare HR for employee onboarding into MYOB Business and AccountRight Live forms part of MYOB’s evolution to a business management platform. The ability to release to customers quickly, and iterate based on feedback, means more customers were able to use this feature, faster and more effectively. The customer base has grown and is expected to continue to grow, as Flare HR and MYOB work together to improve the product for customers.

Streamlining the integration by building it in product meant more customers were able to access the solution sooner. Throughout the process we saw a significant increase in customers using employee onboarding, compared when it was exclusively offered in the MYOB Team app. The in-Product integration has become so well received the majority of customers use the solution in MYOB Business and AccountRight Live.

This use represents a huge time saving for MYOB customers, with tens of thousands of hours saved by eliminating the need for customers to double handle employee’s details and was significantly above target.

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