Past Event

Building Cyber Resilience for Nonprofits

During this discussion we covered:

  • What is the real risk of a cyber incident happening to our organisation?

  • How can we consider cyber security from a governance perspective?

  • How do we fulfil our fiduciary duty effectively in a rapidly evolving technology landscape?

  • How can we model cyber security risks and take action to mitigate these?

  • Are there some simple, effective ways to reduce organisational vulnerabilities?

  • What can nonprofits do to become more resilient against cyber crime and cyber incidents - given the constraints?

Cyber security is one of the most pressing topics in the boardroom. Directors are uncertain about how to effectively navigate a complex and rapidly shifting technology landscape. Nonprofits have the additional challenge of how to allocate constrained resources, and nebulous existential threats are difficult to prioritise.

The risk of a cyber security incident is a reality for any organisation operating online. Arguably, nonprofits face a higher degree of risk due to the collection and storage of personal data and payment methods for volunteers, stakeholders, members and donors.

So what can nonprofits do to build resilience - without breaking the bank? Join us for a practical and enlightening lunch and learn zoom where we will walk through pragmatic approaches to building cyber-resilience for nonprofit organisations.


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