Connection to community is a crucial element of the human experience.

Being active in the Melbourne tech scene satisfies our intrinsic motivation for purpose, feeds our curiosity and allows us to explore the world, and our work with like minded people. Below are some of the intentional alliances we forge within a network we are profoundly grateful to be a part of.

Tabar Logo

Tabar is a borrowed word that roughly translates to “the tribe”. An alternate meaning is “axe” and we take both these meanings into what we do and who we work with. Tabar wants to help people to create learning organisations through the community-based learning events that we organise, giving opportunities for people to learn and share with others in their tribe. We also want to equip people to smash through barriers to smarter ways of working.

The Midnyte City crew have been attendees, speakers and supporters of Tabar and the events they organise for many years. In a post-lockdown 2021, Midnyte City jumped at the opportunity to sponsor LASTConf, a community based event for lean, agile and systems thinking practitioners hosted by Tabar to support the idea that a better world of work is possible and get back to the in-person conferences that have been the lifeblood of the Melbourne Agile Community.
Code like a girl logo

Code Like a Girl is a social enterprise providing girls and women with the confidence, tools, knowledge and support needed to enter and flourish in the world of coding. There are so many reasons why having women in tech is vital: it will future-proof our workforce, it addresses sexism within the sector, provides role models for girls and young women and secures long-term profitability for businesses and organisations.

Mindyte City is an approved Industry Partner, committed to helping Code Like a Girl Interns thrive, whilst building the next generation of great technologists.
Aileen Ng Studio logo

Aileen Ng Studio is a design studio based in Melbourne, which develops creative ideas for businesses and designs thoughtful solutions. Aileen is one of Melbourne’s most promising up-and-coming artists, hosting a series of sold-out exhibitions throughout the Melbourne lockdowns.

Aileen Ng studio worked with Midnight City to help visually convey what they represent- their business’ attitudes, beliefs, and personality, all within a fresh and striking visual identity and web presence. The look and feel was born out of the passion and energy that Midnyte City exemplifies.

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