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The philosophy

Our roots

As a human-centric devops firm, much of our work is helping people and organisations adopt modern, progressive ways of working. In this pursuit we stand on the shoulders of giants, and could not be where we are today without the progress of the incredible technology community that has laid the groundwork for the DevOps revolution. 


We acknowledge and appreciate the combined efforts and impacts of:


  • The Lean movement

  • The agile software development movement 

  • The Continuous Delivery movement

  • The Cloud movement

  • Systems theory and systems thinking practitioners

  • The Cynefin framework

  • Process Communications Model (PCM)

  • Leaders who understand and prioritises autonomy, mastery and purpose as outlined in Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us by Dan Pink

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Reading List

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Book cover of Thinking, fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman

In elegant polymath form, Daniel Kahneman unifies psychology and economics to provide a glimpse into the science behind judgement and decision making. The brain breaking, somewhat understated conclusion is the unnerving extent to which human beings are hard wired to repeatedly make staggeringly poor decisions. Even when the relevant data is literally jumping off the page.


Fascinating concepts for leaders to explore outside of these pages include framing (and it’s role in regret), choice architecture (essential for governance and management), the focusing illusion, (“nothing is as important as you think it is while you are thinking about it”), how good altruistic punishment feels, the extent to which losses are felt as vastly more impactful than gains, the certainty effect (from Kahneman's early work on Prospect Theory) and the memory tricks around duration neglect and the peak end rule.


This book is a dense read. Despite having ample free time for learning and reflection, top speed through this demanding intellectual foray was a mere 10 pages a day.

Ethical business and the question of honesty by Peter Singer

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A brief and thought-provoking examination of ethics in business from Peter Singer. Is honesty for suckers? Or for those who want to maximise value over the long term?


These questions are at the heart of the disenfranchisement most millennials feel with work. Shareholder value is not a compelling purpose. Effective altruism is the new “Why?”


A big thank you to Rich Durnall for introducing the Midnyte City team to Peter Singer and his incredible work on ethics and effective altruism.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - An enquiry into values

Book cover of Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig

It took five years to read this book. One year of reading and four years of staring out the window deciphering and considering what was just read.


In the last company this group of people built, we would give a copy of this book to each new person when they joined the team. It was a signal that we prioritised quality. But more than that, this book examines in exquisite detail the often harrowing juxtaposition between the emotional, romantic, unwieldy, “feeling” part of human existence, and the logical, rational, sensible, “thinking” existence. Daniel Kahneman describes these two concepts as System 1 and System 2 in Thinking Fast and Slow.


Midnyte City’s work is focussed right in this grey area. Our value emerges at the point where logical, rational change meets emotional, human resistance springing from fear, uncertainty and doubt. Change is irrationally difficult. The fast track to a high performance business is visualising the work and creating psychologically safe agile teams driven by clear vision, strategy and outcomes. 

Work at Midnyte City


Our ethos is life-long learning and continuous improvement. To that end, Midnyte City makes significant long-term investment in cultivating a high-calibre team of specialist technologists. The Academy is a regular cadence of seminars, workshops and experiential learning opportunities that will develop your understanding of and capabilities in:


  • Emotional intelligence

  • Communication

  • Influencing and negotiation

  • Commercial nous and understanding of business

  • Governance, strategy, finance and risk

  • How to have the career you want in tech

  • Technical specialisations


One of our key strategic success metrics is the number of Midnyte City crew who join Executive teams or are appointed to Board positions during or after a tenure with us. We are that serious about helping you supercharge your career.


On that note, post-technical is a misnomer. The most highly sought after technologists (often referred to as unicorns), are those people who are on the tools AND have a high degree of commercial nous. If you are interested in growing both your commercial acumen and continuing to build your technical skills and expertise, please get in touch with us using the contact form here.