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13 Nov, 2023

Data driven development to deliver
employee benefits to SME businesses

The Client

MYOB has been part of the fabric of Australian business for over 30 years. This leading business management platform helps businesses with 1 to 1,000 employees start, survive and succeed. After humble beginnings as an accounting software provider, MYOB has evolved into a successful cloud-based operation, partnering with 15 businesses nationwide. MYOB helps customers streamline key business workflows, from finance and supply chain to customer and project management, helping businesses evolve to unlock their full potential.

Midnyte City successfully partnered with MYOB previously, to deliver functionality for employee self-onboarding by integrating Flare HR, which has a proven digital employee onboarding system for SMEs. See case study here. This helped address one of MYOB’s business management platform’s key workflows in the employee space. After this initial integration with Flare had been delivered, it was identified that there was an additional opportunity to integrate Flare’s new platform, Flare Benefits with MYOB. Flare Benefits allows employees access to hundreds of everyday savings at over 9000 locations, with well-known brands on essential expenses like groceries, food, fuel and wellness. This type of benefits offering was previously only available to larger enterprises. By integrating MYOB’s SME products with Flare’s benefits platform, it would allow SMEs to offer these benefits to their staff for free.

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The Engagement

The team’s goal was to make the integration between MYOB and the Flare Benefits platform as simple and intuitive for MYOB customers as possible. With both MYOB and Flare developing at pace, careful management of the integration process was essential to ensure success.

The Solution

Streamlining the process from a design perspective to minimise friction for employers navigating to the benefits portal was the main goal. The Midnyte City team worked collaboratively with the designer, product manager and broader MYOB team to abstract away as much of the technical complexity as possible. The Midnyte City team also helped with delivery management and requirements gathering, including bringing together subject matter experts across the organisation, to ensure alignment across different MYOB segments and teams.

There was extensive collaboration with the Flare development teams to workshop a seamless integration. This began as high-level discussions on architecture and integration types, and continued through the development phase until final delivery. It was especially important given the parallel development of the new Flare Benefits Platform by the Flare team. Communication between the teams, to manage expectations and maintain alignment, was critical across all levels.

The end result, built by the Midnyte City team, was a simple landing page, and a one button integration over to the Flare Benefits Platform for businesses. The core of this integration resides in the MYOB Business product.

We added telemetry on the pages to gather data on:

  • How many people were signing up for Benefits?

  • How many people were looking at the landing page and not signing up?

  • What edge cases in integration between systems (such as possible errors, syncing issues) could stop employers from accessing the Benefits portal? And how often was this happening?

This telemetry data allows MYOB to make product decisions based on customer usage data. As benefits are being provided through Flare (and not directly through MYOB), being able to monitor user behaviour is important.

The Results

The integration of the Flare Benefits platform into the MYOB Business and AccountRight Live product was the next step in MYOB’s evolution as a business management platform. The benefits platform is a free offering for employers with an easy sign-up path from MYOB products. It allows MYOB customers to attract top talent and reward their existing employees with special offers, discounts, perks and wellness resources.  This is all easily accessible through Flare’s easy to use Benefits App. 


“Working with Midnyte City has been fantastic. The team takes the time to truly understand our needs before diving into the work. They have been instrumental in the launch of our Flare work within MYOB Business and MYOB AccountRight. The team thinks holistically about the overall architecture of our product and think out of the box to arrive at ingenious solutions to technical problems. The team fit well within the great culture at MYOB and we enjoy working with them.”  

Itai Etzman
Product Manager, MYOB

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